.44 Magnum Ammo

For the last 50 years, ammunition manufacturers have continued to produce enough innovative cartridges for the .44 Mag caliber to keep up with the steady demand.44 Magnum Bullets for Sale,44 magnum ammo lowest price,Bulk .44 Mag Ammo Online

Federal Premium offers .44 Mag in their Hydra-Shok line, as well as Vital-Shok and Power-Shok, and traditional hollow point and soft point bullets. Hornady produces their Critical Defense line in .44 Mag as well.

Why is a 44 Magnum a good ammo?

.44 Magnum ammo is a popular choice for hunting, self-defense, and sport shooting, which may contribute to increased demand and potentially limited supply.44 magnum ammo lowest price.Bulk .44 Mag Ammo Online

.44 Mag vs. .45 ACP

While some people may say comparing the .44 Magnum to the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) is like comparing apples to oranges, the ammunition actually has some similar characteristics.

When it comes to size, the .45 ACP bullet measures just slightly bigger than the .44 Mag (.451 inch compared to .429 inch), but sits in a shorter casing, with the total cartridge length .335 inch shorter than the Magnum.

Why is the .44 Mag Not .44 caliber?

Unlike most American ammunitions, the .44 Remington Magnum bullet (and its parent, the .44 S&W Special) isn’t .44 caliber ammo. Instead, the actual flat-tipped bullet measures between .429 to .430 inches.

When the precursors to the modern .44 ammunition (the .44 Russian and the .44 American) were created, caliber sizes were measured differently than they are today, from the outside of the ammo’s casing.


Can you reload .44 Magnum ammo?

The .44 Magnum, which itself was spawned as a wildcat of the .44 S&W Special, is an ideal ammo to reload. The cartridge has a wide range of flexibility for handloaders, who can make the round more or less powerful with a slight bit of adjustment.

What is the most powerful .44 Mag ammo?

All .44 Magnum ammo is powerful, as the round was created as a revolver hunting cartridge and can harvest any of North America’s large game, including black bear, cape buffalo, and elk. The large bore ammo reaches supersonic speed and has massive amounts of stopping power. If you want the most power possible, consider hollow point options or specialty rounds from Federal or Hornady.

What is the best 44 Magnum ammo for hunting?

As the .44 Magnum was built for hunting, many of the available ammunitions are appropriate for harvesting game. If hunting large game, consider a bullet weight of at least 240 grain and opt for a jacketed hollow point or XTP round. If using a lever-action long gun in .44 Mag, consider Hornady’s LEVERevolution.44 mag bullets for sale

How much does 44 Mag ammo cost?

The price of .44 Mag ammo depends on the type of ammo purchased and the quantity. Soft point ammo is cheaper than specialty rounds, like Barnes Vortex, and bulk ammo tends to be cheaper than purchasing single boxes at a time. The average prices of .44 Magnums range from about $0.58 to $1.40 a round.

What other ammunition can you use in a 44 Magnum pistol or rifle?

Pistols and carbines chambered for the .44 Magnum can also fire .44 Special rounds. Also known as the .44 S&W, the Special is the parent case to the Magnum. The .44 Mag was given a long casing to prevent it from being loaded into firearms chambered for the .44 Special, much in the same manner as the .357 Magnum to the .38 Special.

What is the difference between the 44 Special and a 44 Magnum?

The .44 Mag was originally a wildcat round of the .44 Special, then became the Special’s Magnum. Although they share the same diameter bullet (.429 inch), the Magnum has a heavier projectile (240 vs. 200 gr) and a longer casing (1.61 vs. 1.116 inch). It’s loaded to more than double the pressure, leading to a higher velocity and energy output.44 Magnum Bullets for Sale