What is a 45 ACP brass?

The 45 ACP once fired brass will consist of mixed manufacturer headstamps.Reloadable .45 ACP Brass,45 acp brass free shipping,45 acp brass large primer

Diamond Ammunition store offers the 45 ACP in a Mix, a Small Primer only and a Large Primer only options.

Is 45 ACP brass available for reloading?

Just a quick edit. I checked Midways’ site, apparently the Federal 45 ACP brass available for reloading is large pistol. Perhaps it’s just their factory loads that are primed small pistol.45 acp brass free shipping

Are 45 ACP brass casings reloadable?

Our 45 ACP brass casing are available as either unprocessed or small batch polished casings with original primers in place. Great quality brass for reloading.45 acp brass once fired.