Where can I buy cheap 38 Special Ammo?

Diamondammunitionstore.com is your trusted destination when shopping online for cheap ammo.38 Special Ammunition Bulk,.38 special ammo for sale near me,38 special ammo lowest price,best 38 special ammo for self defense

Why did Smith & Wesson use a 38 Special Ammo?

Smith & Wesson introduced .38 Special ammo back in 1898 to feed their new revolver, which the U.S. military adopted for their standard-issued sidearm.38 special ammo lowest price

Where can I buy a full clip of a 38 Special?

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Can you shoot 38 Super with a 38 Special?

.38 Super is a semi-auto cartridge, but .38 Special is specifically designed for revolvers. You cannot shoot 38 Super ammo with a 38 Special revolver..38 special ammo for sale near me,best 38 special ammo for self defense.


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