10mm Ammo

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10mm Ammo , also known as 10mm Auto, is incredibly versatile and one of the few handgun rounds that you can also use for hunting small or medium-sized game. However, this semi-automatic cartridge is also an excellent choice for concealed carry weapons, providing superior firepower in self-defense situations.

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Is 10mm Ammo the Same As 40 Cal?

The short answer is no. While these calibers are similar, they are not the same, and you should not use them interchangeably in your firearms. In fact, 10mm ammo is larger and faster than .40 S&W, which is why it was initially developed.

This gave people who wanted a round with more stopping power than 9mm and .45 ACP more options, although 10mm ammo never had widespread adoption.what caliber is 10mm auto

Why Did FBI Stop Using 10mm?

The FBI adopted 10mm ammo as their standard handgun ammunition in 1989, as a result of their needs following the FBI Miami shootout, they decommissioned the round shortly after.

This decision was made after extensive testing by their Firearms Training Unit, as this unit believed the round to have too much recoil to train new recruits. Without proper training, the recruits couldn’t be as effective in the field.what caliber is 10mm auto,10mm auto ballistics chart

Will a 10mm Stop a Bear?

Many hunters, hikers, and homesteaders love 10mm ammo as their choice for bear defense, and for good reason. This round is extremely versatile, packing a big punch in a small package. Plus, most people using it for bear defense have experience with firearms, so the increased recoil over similar calibers isn’t as much of a dealbreaker.

Plus, most 10mm Auto handguns are semi-automatic, so you have a large magazine and quick firing time that lets you take follow-up shots to keep you safe.what caliber is 10mm auto