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To Begin, FosTech Outdoors is family owned and operated. With its innovative firearms and firearm parts technologyFosTech Outdoors is the perfect brand for any level shooter. FosTech  features AR-15 parts, buttstock accessories and more. FosTech  is a smart brand that is constantly and consistently developing new and advanced triggers, magazines and accessories..fostech outdoors echo ar-ii.fostech outdoors echo ak-47.binary trigger for ar 15

Again, The Echo trigger and Origin-12 accessories are some of them most popular items sold by FosTech. Shop these great FosTech Outdoors gun parts at and get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200! Reach out to our product experts by phone, email, or chat with any questions, and they’ll be happy to assist you.fostech binary trigger.fostech binary trigger for sale

FosTecH Inc,

is a family-owned Christian company in Southern Indiana. FosTecH produces products that are 100% American-made. FosTecH takes great pride in the US Military and comes from a long line of real American heroes that have served this great nation. FosTecH is now home to veterans and civilians alike and has veterans within the ownership and throughout the infrastructure of the company. To all of our American heroes both past and present, we say THANK YOU!fostech echo 2 for sale.fostech outdoors.

Thirdly, FosTecH manufactures products that are on the cutting edge of technology and we strive to continue to bring new and innovative products to our customers; both civilian and military.fostech firearms review.fostech outdoors.


The military roots grow very deep at FosTecH. From Fathers to Uncles, Cousins and more these heroes helped weave the fabric of the ownership that created FosTecH. Though there is not enough time or pages to mention them all please allow us to give thanks to a few of them:fostech outdoors.

General Duane l. Foster:

Duane was a fighter pilot in the AirForce. His influence as a father and an uncle still shows in the products that FosTecH manufactures today. All the ar-15 rifles that FosTecH produces are named after Jet Fighter Aircraft. Current models include the Raptor, Phantom, TomCat, Eagle, WartHog, and soon to come the Lightning.fostech outdoors.fostech outdoors echo ar-ii.fostech outdoors echo ak-47.binary trigger for ar 15

Stanley Eugene Furnish:

However, Gene served in the Army and was a POW in Korea for almost 3 years before making it home. Gene was known by many different names. The men that served with him knew him as (Red) because of his hair. Stanley if you worked with him and Gene to all his family. Gene is a true American Hero and though a cousin to the Family that started FosTecH he is our BROTHER.fostech outdoors.

Beryl Edmund Foster:

Beryl served in the Army where he received the Purple Heart Cluster. he was wounded in both WWII and Korea. Beryl’s.fostech outdoors.

Christian attitude and love for family still hold true within FosTecH Today.

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