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The History Of .460 S&W Ammo

For those looking for powerful and versatile revolver options, the .460 S&W is the best choice not just in the United States, but around the world. This ammo is big, durable, and fast. What’s more, it’s the fastest revolver cartridge ever made. .

This round uses a rimmed, straight-walled case with a bullet that measures .452 inches in diameter and averages 300 grains (gr), although factory loads range from 200 grains to a heavy 395 grains (gr).460 s&w magnum ammo for sale.smith and wesson 460 for sale. .460 s&w ammo in stock,460 s&w ammo free shipping

This ammunition measures an impressive 2.3 inches in length, measuring 1.8 inches in length, which Hornady developed from the .454 Casull. As a comparison, a standard factory 9mm cartridge measures 1.169 inches in length overall, so two 9mm rounds would be roughly the same size when laid nose to nose as one .460 S&W round.460 s&w ammo in stock

In accordance with Sporting Arms and Ammunitions Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI), the ammunition features a large rifle primer and a maximum pressure of 65,000 psi. Magnum cartridges pack quite a punch at this high pressure chamber, which is equivalent to its pressure..

A shooter can reach a maximum velocity thats unprecedented in the handgun world by using this bullet weight and high pressure ammo. The bullet is claimed by Smith & Wesson to hit 2,409 feet per second (fps) when the conditions are right.

However, all this power and force comes at a price with a 300 grain bullet, the .460 S&W can exert three times as much recoil as the .44 Magnum. By flattening the trajectory of the projectile and increasing its energy, the ammo is able to deliver the accuracy and range needed to kill big game while still delivering high performance..

Types of .460 S&W Ammunition

In addition to many different types of ammunition, there are multiple companies that produce .460 S&W Magnum ammunition. .


The company produces loads with Flex Tip expanding bullets, called FTX bullets by the company..

Buffalo Bore

The round also includes a jacketed flat-nose bullet weighing 300 grains and a heavier 360 grain bullet weighing 360 grains..


This ammunition uses Barnes XPB 275 gr bullets and Fusion 260 gr bullets..


Dual Bond bullets have a muzzle velocity of 1,450 feet per second, and a 250 gr bullet with a mild recoil load.

A .460 S&W cartridge can usually be found in jacketed hollow points (JHPs), soft points (SPs), or ballistic tipped rounds. A JHP round consists of a lead bullet with a hollow point that is located in the middle. The bullet has a hard jacket, usually copper, surrounding a lead bullet. As the bullet impacts its target, it expands more and penetrates slower. In addition, the combination provides more stopping power and lowers overpenetration, which occurs with bullets traveling at such a rapid speed.

When topped with a polymer tip, hollow points become ballistic ammunition, which helps them perform better at long ranges, such as when hunting and taking shots from 100 yards and beyond.

When planning to buy bulk .460 S&W ammo for plinking or target shooting, you should consider SP ammo. SP ammo has a lead bullet that is not jacketed, making it cheaper than its JHP and ballistic counterparts.

Many shooters choose to handload .460 S&W ammo, even though there are plenty of factory rounds available. Not only does this result in cheaper shooting, but it also allows shooters to customize their rounds to their individual preferences. Hornady and Starline offer reloading components for this big bore cartridge.

A Comparison Of .460 S&W And .500 S&W:

Designed on the extra-large X frame, both this wheel gun and the .500 S&W revolver were introduced by Smith & Wesson two years after the release of the sizeable .460 XVR. Designed for hunting large game at long distances, these wheel guns are designed for long-range firearms.

They are both large-bore revolvers, yet they differ in a few ways. The S&W .460 has a smaller projectile, and although it has a bit less recoil than the S&W .500, its muzzle energy is only a 10 percent difference.

They were both highly destructive because they were the heaviest factory loads available (the .460 S&W round by Cor-Bon is 395 grains, and the .500 S&W round by Underwood Ammo is 700 grains). There are just as many impacts with the heavier bullets, even though they shoot slower, at 1,200 fps to 1,525 fps.

American hunters generally prefer the .460 round, which has shown to be easier and more versatile in terms of ammunition choices. The .460 S&W is the most popular big-bore among enthusiasts because it can fire a variety of cartridges and because shooters can find cheaper .460 S&W ammo for less than the .500. 460 S&W Ammo For Sale.

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